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The AAA Foundation, a non-profit organization, is the preeminent source of traffic safety research and information in North America.  The research and information available on their Web site is accessible by the general public for those seeking information on general traffic safety issues. READ MORE >>

Summer is fast approaching and that means warm weather is just around the corner. With warmer weather comes the opportunity to take your motorcycle out of the garage and hit the road. Before you jump on your bike and take off, it is important to take a minute to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage for your motorcycle. READ MORE >>

Motorcycle riders in most parts of the county are accustomed to putting their bikes into winter storage. But with this year's winter, even those in the South and West have had significant idle time. Before your customers hit the road again this spring, remind them to prepare the bike with a few maintenance steps. READ MORE >>

If you allow a friend or relative to drive your vehicle, it's important for you to be aware of the insurance rules that apply to this situation.  The following tips will help you decide whether the particular car-sharing scenario you're contemplating is a good idea. Family members READ MORE >>

I frequently get calls from people whose home insurance has increased. Last year in Minnesota virtually everyone had an increase in their home insurance- some as high as 25% or more.  In 2013 I am still seeing increases, but not as extreme as last year. READ MORE >>

Going on a vacation should be a fun and relaxing experience, however, it can leave some people with anxiety about what could potentially happen to their house when they are away. Just because you go on vacation does not mean burglars do.  AAA offers 5 tips to keep you stress free and to keep your home safe while you travel: READ MORE >>

If you have recently invested in purchasing a brand new car, you may have been advised by your insurance agent to purchase something called gap insurance.  If you are unfamiliar with gap insurance, you're probably wondering if it’s even necessary to add this additional cost to your new policy. READ MORE >>

This fall my daughter called me up & told me she had gotten "a traffic citation" or in other words a speeding ticket. She was worried I would be mad at her. I told her that I wasn't mad at her but neither would I pay the ticket for her. I also told her that she would need to go to traffic court & ask for it to be kept off her driving record. READ MORE >>

Minneapolis auto insurance policy contains a list of exclusions, which can be added onto your insurance policy as an endorsement for an extra cost. However, things such as intentional damage or drag racing are totally excluded from auto insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Driving at night can cause serious problems for a driver when incurring traffic in front of, or behind, the vehicle.  However, drivers can minimize such distress on their eyes and other drivers’ eyes by following AAA’s simple tips: READ MORE >>

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