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No, car color does not affect your insurance rates. In fact, your insurer probably doesn't even know what color your car is. This is, to be blunt, one of the sillier myths surrounding car insurance, but — to be fair — you can't blame people for making the assumption that car color and insurance rates are correlated. READ MORE >>

Contrary to popular belief, a good auto insurance policy doesn't have to cost a fortune. Read this article to learn a few tips that will help you cut down on your auto insurance premiums. 1. Get Multiple Quotes The first thing that you should do is get quotes from a variety of insurance companies. READ MORE >>

When an accident occurs, you may feel overwhelmed with what happened. It is a scary situation. The good news is that your auto insurance agent is there to help you through the process of recovering your losses. It’s a good idea to reach out as soon as you have an accident to discuss the ways the insurer can help. READ MORE >>

Choosing the right form of auto insurance is essential, and it can be very hard to do. Though you may know to buy comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance, you may not realize you have a few other decisions to make. For example, should you choose cash value or replacement value coverage? READ MORE >>

There are many situations where a person needs to purchase car insurance for their vehicle. What if you do not own a vehicle? You may still be a driver, but you don't own a car at this time. Do you need auto insurance? The answer here is yes. READ MORE >>

After a car accident, the long-term impact can be more serious than you thought possible. In some situations, men and women face medical care and surgeries. They lose time at work. In some situations, you may even find you need rehab to get back to where you want to be. Will your auto insurance cover these costs? READ MORE >>

Bodily injury liability insurance is one of the most common forms of liability insurance required for drivers today. Most states require this type of coverage. It provides for financial protection for other individuals when they suffer injuries as a result of your actions or inaction. READ MORE >>

Everyone makes a few mistakes from time to time. But, kicking bad driving habits can save you money. You may be able to avoid fines for a ticket. You may also be able to keep your auto insurance rates low. How can you kick those habits you are not proud of? #1: Pay Attention to What Is Around You READ MORE >>

A deer runs out onto the road. You notice a dog in the street at the last second and have to brake hard. These types of instances can be challenging to manage. Your auto insurance policy may cover some or all of the damage you experience if you can't avoid a crash with an animal. READ MORE >>

Here in Minnesota, we're used to dealing with winter weather and hazardous roadways. But, if you're a new resident, or don't hit the roads often, your winter driving skills might need work. Snow, ice, and other weather can easily make for hazardous roadways. The risks for accidents or breakdowns skyrocket during winter storms. READ MORE >>

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