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Setting out in your RV this summer? You're probably looking forward to a relaxing time on the road with your friends and family. However, it';s also important to keep an eye out for the unique safety risks your vehicle poses. RVs are much more complex than the average vehicle. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you've heard that you can save money by bundling your home and auto insurance together. This simply means that you'll purchase your home and auto insurance policies at the same time and from the same insurer. By doing this, you may be able to get a lower rate than what you would pay if you purchased two separate policies from two different insurers. READ MORE >>

Although most home insurance providers don't require their customers to have working smoke detectors in their homes, their presence is quite valuable. According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five deaths related to home fires occurred in homes that either had no smoke alarms or no functional smoke detection devices. READ MORE >>

Imagine paying for car insurance not based on the driving habits of your demographic, but rather on the way you actually drive as an individual. This is the essence of usage-based insurance — in which a telematic device is installed in your car and tracks your driving behavior. READ MORE >>

I frequently get calls from people whose home insurance has increased. Last year in Minnesota virtually everyone had an increase in their home insurance- some as high as 25% or more.  In 2013 I am still seeing increases, but not as extreme as last year. READ MORE >>

As more people look for ways to cut back on their spending during these times of economic recession, the cancellation of home insurance policies will become one of the first areas to suffer. Whilst this is one way of cutting down on some of your monthly outgoings, you still leave yourself open to a hefty bill should your home, or interior contents, suffer any unexpected damage. READ MORE >>

The economic meltdown of 2008 wasn't just hard on personal budgets; it was also hard on businesses. Small businesses across the country have felt the pain of the recession and large businesses in certain industries, such as travel, have been equally impacted. READ MORE >>

When you buy auto insurance, usually insurance providers will only insure the car for its actual cash value. The actual cash value is determined by subtracting the depreciation from what the car cost when it was new. In some cases, someone might have to pay more money on their car then what the actual cash value is. READ MORE >>

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